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Lol I mean its not even a question of the difficulty setting being off which it clearly is.  But I could actually hit better on legend than I do in these moments.  I heard someone say its like you're swinging a wet noodle and I gotta say that is the perfect analogy for hitting in moments.  The ball just doesnt pop like it usually does off the bat even with really good hitters.  It's getting frustrating tring to complete these bs moments.  I'm beginning to think SDS just put Moments into the game to f*** with us hahaha cuz it definitely feels rigged.  All my years of playing this game the hitting has never felt like it does in moments. 

4/9/2019 9:14AM PDT

I really feels like it's a matter of when the game feels like giving you the moment. So many balls squared up with good timing and nothing happens. Then late timing and ok contact gets a homerun. Some I've tried like 20-30 times before completing and others I get on the 1st try. If it's the same difficulty it doesn't make sense. 

4/9/2019 9:54AM PDT
See original thread.