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Wow this Goldschmidt moment is so bogus.  I'm completely stuck and even when I square it up it just doesnt give me a damn homerun.  I've also noticed that the swing timing is way off on moments.  I don't know if this is just offline in general but I'm always late or early offline.  I'm now beginning to see everyone's point that offline hitting is broken this year but online does seem much better.  Lol I guess SDS has to always break something in order to fix something.  I've also noticed some moments seem rigged too like it could be the same difficulty with a comparable player and somehow be so much more difficult lol I think they just threw these moments in the game to f*** with us haha.

4/9/2019 8:37AM PDT

All the player lock moments that run in the RTTS engine are awful.

Comment by sheolrocker
4/9/2019 8:58AM PDT

Yep. This is the problem. Wish it was talked about more. It seems to be a player lock issue more than anything.

4/9/2019 9:53AM PDT
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