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Let me start of by saying that I'm going to play a majority of my games offline. I may dabble in the H2H aspect later on down the road. The only H2H games I'll play now are any that I need to play to get progress towards specific Program Progress. (Win 10 H2H).

Right now, I've started the Conquest maps. Finished the one for Gagne and only need the Red Sox to finish the 1st inning one. 

Next I may try the Keith Hernandez and the main map. 

My question: is it better, and more efficient, to bang put these Conquest maps (since I can get TA progress) before I hop into any of the Moments? 


4/9/2019 8:19AM PDT

I just do them at the same time, conquest grind is monotonous and can be tiresome, moments is a good time breakup

4/9/2019 8:24AM PDT

I'm almost done with the big conquest map for Ty Cobb. Have about 4-5 more strongholds to conquer. I've been knocking out 2-3 each morning before work then come home and 2-3 more then hop in a couple RS games at night. It's worth it for all the free packs and rewards along the way. Best wishes!

4/9/2019 8:26AM PDT

I switch back and forth.  Moments can get frustrating if you get stuck on one.  Conquest can get monotonous.  I usually switch my lineup/rotation around each day to play with different players.

4/9/2019 9:00AM PDT

I have finished the Main conquest map and the first inning one and just started the newest one. I prefer these to the moments actually. Some of the moments can be frustrating.  I have also been playing March to October (currently in the playoffs) and have even started a RTTS player. I just play what sounds like fun when I start the game up. 

4/9/2019 9:08AM PDT

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