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I’m going to say this one time, and one time loudly for the people in the back.

The most TOXIC show players are those who complain about people buying their team... congrats on being a Diamond 99 moron. 

If you grind, keep it up. If you purchase your team through packs/market... thank you for keeping the market prices low with duplicate diamond pulls.

This year more than any others, diamond players aren’t going to win you games. GET BETTER. If you think anyone has any sympathy for you, because you grind 100 hours a week... here’s my 2 cents, get a job and buy your team lol

4/9/2019 7:38AM PDT

Whats more valuable to one person may not be for others.

Time is more valuable than money in some cases, so people will spend money for the players they want instead of losing however many hours of their life grinding.

Vice Versa for money vs. time obviously.

4/9/2019 9:28AM PDT
See original thread.