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Just spitballin’ an idea that I think would be a cool DD feature and perhaps a new fun way to progress through team affinities/epics. 

This game mode would essentially be a 7 game series vs all 30 teams. All 30 teams would be a mix of their teams Legends, FB, FS, and Live series cards. Rewards could fluctuate based on the difficulty level you played them at. Or required to play at Veteran+. 

Just an idea I think would be fun. Seeing as besides conquest there really is no other way to play as your DD team offline and experiment with lineups. Because moments and M2O has nothing to do with your DD team.

4/9/2019 7:31AM PDT

Personally, as previously discussed... I don’t like how the show made M2O meaningful to DD... I don’t want to play with live series rosters, I play DD to hit dingers with my created team with a roster of my favorite players of all time.

i hope they come out with some sort of patch/alternate game mode where you can use your DD roster to progress through the team infinity. 

And to be honest I kind of miss the player missions with the 10-25-50 reward cards that would help for the infinity rewards. 

Comment by kingmace02
4/9/2019 8:03AM PDT

The end of what you said couldn't be truer. I feel like we're getting the lower level affinity rewards for no reason. We get em, just for them to sit in our inventory and never use :-/

4/9/2019 8:06AM PDT
See original thread.