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I started off 14-0, made it to Wild Card and have went 6-6 since entering WC. I can't hit for some reason, and the difficulty doesn't go up until the next round. I'm massively late on everything it seems like. The only dude I am getting hits with are Ichiro or Machado. In my final game for the night I struck out 18 times...tonight I plan on getting into batting practice on hall of fame for 15-20 minutes before entering online. But Jesus last night was a tough. 

4/9/2019 6:35AM PDT

Yeah agreed on the last part haha. This same guy used directional and lunged at every pitch but somehow every swing was a check swing. I stil struck him out like 15 times, but he literally got 3 runs because of check swing walks, and 2 fly balls that my fielders were standing under and missed. Then I’m sitting here trying to figure out signature kershaw, and every time I load the bases, I hit a line drive at someone or a missile groundball double play. Super frustrating lol.

Comment by Harryhukari33
4/9/2019 8:59AM PDT

Slowly learning to roll with the punches and not let a tough defeat impact how I play the next RS game. I still think 19 is awesome and will play up until the launch of 20.

My goal this year is to end with a .300+ online average....oh, and to get Griffey

4/9/2019 9:02AM PDT
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