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Can anyone share what it's been like in the past with how much players can get upgraded?

I've invested in a bunch of players that look like they should get upgrades (based on current season or previous seasons) but it's the players in the mid 70's like Domingo Santana that have me wondering. Is he really worth investing since its doubtful that he goes Gold anytime soon and even more unlikely that he ever hits a diamond status to actually be profitable (eg: if he does reach diamond it will probably be at a time when everyone's rosters are full of diamonds).

Just trying to get a handle of how upgrades have worked in the past to try and predict for this year.


Thank you


4/9/2019 5:09AM PDT

Don’t really worry about how many diamonds people will have rarely are players worth what other diamonds are going for if they get upgraded. Blake Snell for example won’t really be worth all that much if/when he goes diamond because most people have collected the Rays, but if you got him two weeks ago at 2,500 your going to double your stubs with just a quick sell. If you bought 50,000 stubs worth that would be 100,000 even for just quick selling.

If you buy 50-100 of a silver for 250-300 and he upgrades to gold even two months from now after two or three upgrades (the most likely way to make a bunch of stubs) that’s 50,000 stubs. Worry about the quicksell, anything over that is just a bonus. If the price is to close people are probably thinking the same and it’s no longer as valuable. 

I doubt anyone mid 70s ever goes diamond, I don’t think anyone besides Judge has ever done that, but upgrading to an 80 for 1,000 stubs is still very realistic. You just need to buy in major bulk and take the risk or it’s kinda pointless. 

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