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This reminds me of 17 when there was the "comeback logic" argument.  I know that fielding is more important this year, but i just played two games in a row where the game losing run was scored because of an error.  Diamond lofton drops a routine pop fly from duke snider who eventually scores after a couple bloop hits.  Yes lofton was in his main position of CF and was camped under the ball.


Second game freddie freeman just muffs a routine grounder and guess what runner scored the winning run after a bloop hit?  This reminds me of 17 when every game there was one play that determines the outcome of the game.  It really sucks to play a 45 minute close good game only to have it come down to cpu error.  At least let me mess up, dont just randomly choose when a diamond fielder forgets how to catch a ball.


This is all ranked seasons by the way.

4/8/2019 11:01PM PDT

In competitive h2h play, defensive ratings should effect range, arm strength and the ability to come up with tough plays.  

Leave the error on the routine play out of it.  

Throwing errors by bad meters or trying to do too much on a play is realistic, but routine should be routine in online play.


4/9/2019 4:50AM PDT
See original thread.