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Hi guys,


So currently this is who I have...yes I had probably best pack luck ever (Trout x2, Arenado, Betts, Degrom, Freeman, Votto, Sale, Harper, Stanton, Yelich all in 200 packs) and event runs reward good diamonds (Machado and Judge). 

Outfield: Trout, Mays, 90 Edmonds

3B: Matthews

2B: Hornsby 

1B: 92 Bautista.

I am stuck between Thomas or Duke. Suggestions?

4/8/2019 7:42AM PDT

Who is your SS?  Hornsby has SS as a secondary and I have been loving Joe Morgan.  If its your CAP at SS I would say Duke out of those two.

4/8/2019 7:43AM PDT

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