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Pack luck this year is an absolute joke. Out of all the packs I’ve opened, I’ve had a few good pulls with trout and degrom. But when other people are pulling trout, arenado 3x, Betts, prior 2x, degrom, and tatis just to name a few.  I’m all for good pulls obviously, but spread the wealth a little bit. When all the great pulls are made by a select few people, it makes the game VERY unenjoyable 

4/7/2019 4:21PM PDT

You have to take into account what packs other players are opening and how many of them they are opening... there are some guys on Youtube that I saw that opened an insane amount of packs to get the amount of diamond pulls that they got... I'm not willing to do that this year... my priorities have shifted.

Are they pulling them from "Standard" packs, "The Show" packs, "Headliners" packs or "Ballin Is A Habit" packs? All this has to be factored in.

4/8/2019 8:01AM PDT
See original thread.