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There’s no right or wrong answer because I understand both sides of the argument. I’m just curious what everyone’s opinion is....Assuming it’s a 0-0 or 1-1 game and has been a pitching duel...

Reason for - Unless you’re going to get CS or WS with the win it’s not worth burning out your bullpen and being shorthanded for 3 games for a single win. 

Reason against - Well, You’ve played 9 innings might as well finish it.


4/7/2019 7:10AM PDT

Always decline... if you are going to Friendly Quit that has to happen before the game really gets going... if we get to the 9th inning I'd assume that you are playing the game to completion and have set aside the designated time to do so... in the event of an emergency I'd imagine you wouldn't worry about sending a friendly quit and would either just leave the game on unattended, power the system off or quit outright... so there really is no reason to send a friendly in the 9th.

4/8/2019 8:17AM PDT
See original thread.