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I finally got some good playing time under my belt this weekend and played The Show pretty solidly for two days. I'm 4-1 (I know - nothing special) in ranked seasons and play mostly on All-Star when I play offline.

After this weekend though, I'm not sure if I want to play much more.

My gripe is not with the hitting, although it seems like they have adjusted the timing window without mentioning it (think moments sliders if you think this doesn't happen), but with the pitching and the complete randomness of it.

Here are a few examples of a weekend that had me yelling at my monitor continuously;

The last RS game I won 10-5 but no thanks to my pitching. I opened with Noad Syndergard, who's BB/9 is 80. Should have pretty good control, right? Nope. I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. I couldn't hit a spot if it was a good, perfect or indifferent release. The guy I was playing hit four bombs off hangers right down the middle. User error, I hear you say. Nope. At least two of those pitches were perfect releases, one a 92 MPH slider that was aimed at a low inside corner. The other two were good timing but went nowhere near where I wanted them to go. the only reason I won is that I was hitting well and the other guy was swinging at everything... thank God!

So today, I wanted something a little less stressful. I played all my games (CPU) on All-Star and noticed the same things. Dennis Eckersly, with 79 BB/9, couldn't hit a spot, often missing by an alarming rate. Later in that game, I brought in Kirby Yates (BB/9 61). I placed my marker just off the black and down low, so about an inch and a half off. I didn't get a perfect release but it was good. The ball ended up on the inside of the other edge of the strike zone. That's close to seventeen inches!

If I wanted to, I could go on. I was continuously shaking my head at where pitches ended up in multiple games. I've had a very frustrating two days. Pitching seems incredibly random this year. Perfect releases often don't go where they're supposed to and good releases seem to get punished way, way too harshly.

I get that some pitchers are better than others when it comes to controlling their pitches, but when you take the result completely out of my hands, you have taken half the game away from me. That was my take away from the weekend. 

I'm ready for all the "Git Gud" comments, so bring em' on.


4/7/2019 5:37AM PDT

It’s not random, but it’s not very forgiving either. Slightly missing your spot on the pitch seems to just randomly throw it anywhere, which is bad. If I’m aiming left and I miss to the left, the pitch should never go to the right or down the middle. 

Comment by ComebackLogic
4/8/2019 2:29AM PDT

I do believe there is some randomness to it after using both meter and analog.  

It seems the programing requires you to throw the odd meatball occasionally, despite user input.

Surprised it wasn't part of the survey tbh.

4/17/2019 4:00AM PDT
See original thread.