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I think all everyone is really asking for is that SDS be upfront with the difficulties of moments (specifically the sliders they are using to influence each moments outcomes).  It is patently obvious that "veteran" difficulty in moments is not in any way equivalent to veteran difficulty in other vs cpu modes, thus demonstrating that adjustments are being made in the background to sliders.  If you want to make the moments harder than the stated difficulty that is fine, but at least be upfront about it so that your customers can make an informed decision of how much time they want to put into a given moment.  It should be as simple as on the moment selection screen showing which sliders were adjusted and by how much.  Either that or stop adjusting the sliders and just move the moments to a higher difficulty level.  The issue most of us have isn't the difficulty, its the dishonesty.

4/5/2019 7:03AM PDT

I tried the Andruw Jones one last night, where you need 2 HR's and some other stuff over I think it is 6 games? I hit the ball on the screws with a great launch angle on I dunno, 10 occasions through the first few times I ran through it....and not one went yard.

It took me 10-12 tries just to get 1 HR with Jesus Aguilar on one of the 1B created player missions. 

I am not a great player but I definitely notice the difference. The problem is, you don't know how each Moment is gonna play....and then I end up spending 30 minutes on a moment that is clearly NOT on Veteran, even though it says it is...and I don't have a ton of time to play , so I have to choose which Moments I want to try to yeah, some transparency would be good.



Comment by JasonsFather
4/5/2019 8:45AM PDT

Just to push back on this a little, I did two attempts of the Andruw Who? mission last night, and I completed it on the second try. 4 of my hits were home runs, and all triggered no-doubter animations. So I don’t know if power is specifically “nerfed” as some think. I just think player lock is screwing with the difficulty in general.

4/5/2019 9:00AM PDT
See original thread.