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hello -

I am new to Diamond Dynasty and Online play. I have a solid lineup (I think), yet when I play I get crushed on the mound, and I produce nothing offensively. I feel like I have a good team, essentially everyone on my team is Gold/Diamond (Contreras is my Catcher (78ovr), I have 2 silver RP). Anyone have any tips suggestions for pitching and hitting? I use meter pitching, Zone hitting with a reticle PCI and Strike Zone as my view. 

Any helpful tips are greatly appreciated. 

4/4/2019 9:13AM PDT

Hi there! Welcome to DD.

Honestly, keep practicing. Even try practicing offline on All-Star and above to adjust to pitch speeds properly for hitting. As far as pitching goes it's really different per game you play. You kind of have to read your opponent and make pitching adjustments accordingly.

Personally, i don't like meter pitching (i use analog) but to each their own. There are many who use meter pitching and do really well, so it's all personal prefernce.

Disclaimer: I am a medicore player so take what i have to say with a grain of salt

4/4/2019 9:33AM PDT
See original thread.