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So this was not in the patch notes but apparently sliders that were affecting certain game modes no longe affect them - 


My first question to SDS is: Why wasn't this noted in the patch notes? 

My second question to SDS is: Why haven't you since commented on this since this topic is dominating TSN, Reddit and Facebook

My third question to SDS is: Why make Moments play levels more difficult than the stated difficulty? (Which means that SDS has set internal sliders for Moments, which do not agree to the level that they state). Why does a "Moment" on Veteran feel like it's on HOF and All Star feel like it's on Legend on Roids?

Maybe you can respond in this thread because it seems like a ton of the fan base wants to know

4/4/2019 8:11AM PDT

I just don’t buy that explanation at all. And I almost never accept conspiracy theories like SDS secretly scripts gameplay and whatnot. The discrepancy is observable. It isn’t just based on not being able to hit homeruns.

4/4/2019 8:41AM PDT
See original thread.