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Anyone else kinda miss the grind from last year? i know moments are similar in ways, but i really enjoyed just getting stats and working hard in any mode to get good players. even the souviner exchanges wasn't the worst thing ever, it was about working the market and it was fun. they easily could have toned some down but otherwise i enjoyed it. Maybe sds could add some kind of career arc type programs into the game this year, start with low teir players and use them to work up and get better ones. would be a great way to include all the players that people say are missing from the game. just add some stat missions maybe some player exchanges and it would be a great alternate for people who don't like grinding online, like some people dislike

4/4/2019 8:03AM PDT

I find it much more enjoyable this year. Being mainly an online player, the idea of grinding the CPU offline on rookie is just mind-numbing to me.

4/4/2019 8:20AM PDT
See original thread.