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And I’m still so torn between ichiro and Kershaw. Kershaw is clearly the best player of the bunch but the fact that I could go like 10 games and potentially not get to use him at all makes me feel like Ichiro would be better for my first choice while I’m looking for a new OF and wait until silver 40 to grab Kershaw since I already have a full good diamond rotation anyways. My outfield is currently Finley, trout and Andrew Jones but I really only want to keep trout and maybe Finley. Jones I feel like is about to be awful on hall of fame 

4/3/2019 7:43PM PDT

At this stage of the game i find it hard to pass up on any of the pitchers (Kershaw, Ryan, or Hoffman)

4/4/2019 8:10AM PDT
See original thread.