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If you have been victimized by the XP issue, please post here. I've emailed SDS and keep getting the runaround about how it will be fixed soon.

Really? How? When?

Today was the SECOND time I had my XP reduced without ANY warning. The first time I was bumped from a mid Level 30 to a low Level 29. Then today, after reaching Level 35, I log on, and it says I am low Level 33 despite having redeemed by Level 35 reward.

I don't feel like this issue is being dealt with by SDS with the promptness it deserves, and if this issue cannot be fixed, since it is preventing be from accumulating rewards properly that I paid into, I want a full refund of my game and every stub I have paid over $200 for. This is ridiculous. It's been going on since launch.

Don't @me that I am being harsh. This is my hard-earned money I have spent, and if a product is defective and not working as intended, I should not have to wait weeks for it to be fixed, if it ever is at all. I sincerely worry that SDS's servers are properly logging every XP properly, because if they were, this should not be taking so long to fix.

Again, feel free to share your XP experience here so SDS finally realizes just how many people it has impacted. I am fed up, which sucks, because SDS seems like good people who work very hard. But at some point, very soon, this problem must be resolved, quickly.

4/2/2019 9:43PM PDT

You’ve got about 355 more days until The Show 20 comes out to up your XP. You have plenty of time.

4/3/2019 12:30AM PDT
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