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Hi All,

So it's obvious that more xp is needed the higher level you go. However, does the xp start over when you go from Bronze to Silver, SIlver to Gold, and Gold to Diamond. For example, to level up from 1 Silver to 2 Silver go back to what it was at 1Bronze to 2 Bronze, or is it more xp than it took to go from 99 Bronze to 100 Bronze/ 1 Silver?

I know it probably resets and it is probably same xp as level 1 bronze but figured I would ask to just get clarification.

4/2/2019 10:23AM PDT

Yep resets. 1-100 is the same all the way through. 

4/2/2019 10:41AM PDT

Very cool, be able to get to level 40 fast and get another Signature series card/diamond.

4/2/2019 10:47AM PDT

How much Total XP is 1-100?

4/2/2019 10:49AM PDT

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