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Does anyone know why SDS keeps changing pitch selections for so many different pitchers/players? This applies to starters and relievers.

In previous years I had assumed that players have changed styles or wasn't using them enough. This usually happened with closers and wasn't a huge deal. However this year they have changed multiple starters, and in my opinion critical pitches to have.

Corey kluber and more notably Aaron Nola has had their Sinker taken away. Madison Bumgarner has lost his slider and it just makes them useless without. A few relievers have had their change up's along with cutters removed. .. I'm not actually looking at the game so I can't remember every example I thought was meaningful. .

it's one thing here there but they seem to be happening way too often. Starting pitchers used to only gain pitches, not lose their most important ones. Does anyone know why this is happening?

4/2/2019 9:44AM PDT

Brad hand and Hader’s live series cards were in my bullpen all year in 18 pretty much and they took away hands curve and change up and Hader’s change up so they both have 2 fastballs and a slider so they basically suck now 

Comment by lReversaL-
4/2/2019 9:47AM PDT

Hader did only throw 2 change ups all year last year so taking away the pitch makes sense. If he starts using it more it will be added.

4/2/2019 10:24AM PDT
See original thread.