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Not even there yet, about 20 more lvls to go, but how do you not take that Trevor Hoffman?  His card was amazing last year, and now with speed deltas meaning more this year and his card atts are just flat out better, that card is gonna be sick!  I was thinking of grabbing the Ichiro, just because I am having a hard time getting contact hitters out and he has amazing speed and defense, but taking a 93 overall over a signature card just seems a waste to me.  Anyone else already made this choice and what do you think about your decision?

4/1/2019 11:43PM PDT

I'm not very close yet but I feel like I'd take Ryan or Kershaw first. Tempted to get Ichiro but likely will go with a pitcher first time around.

4/2/2019 6:40AM PDT
See original thread.