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Lets do a poll. All those who want average market value limitations removed post a comment with remove or keep.


In my opinion the market restrictions needs to be removed. It destroys the free market. And honestly limits the game. If you wanna control the cheaper cards like that commons, bronzes and silvers like that - I can live with that. But atleast let the Golds and Diamonds and flashbacks/legends not be limited to what the average says. If I wanna sell Mike Trout for 500k I should be able to. I shouldnt be limited to putting him up for 250k because thats what the average says is the right price. When there arent any Mikes left on the market - I should have the right to sell him for as much as I’d like.

3/28/2019 5:51PM PDT

Eliminate restrictions

3/28/2019 10:45PM PDT
See original thread.