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I have all of the mometns from the 1st inning boss program complete, but the litle green bar to the left of the icon isnt all the way to the top. Anyonw know why?

3/27/2019 1:36PM PDT

Like you, I used to be a "There aren't enough stars" truther. 

But upon inspection, you earn stars simply for playing.  I've earned almost 100 so far simply from playing Conquest USA.  Like the dailys, these will be applied to whatever program is active, so that'll be a problem for the late adopters.  But as long as you play the game regurlaly, you shouldn't want for stars.

Comment by SaveFarris
3/27/2019 5:05PM PDT

That's good to know, I will do some Conquest tonight then. I am at 240 right now, and I don't really want to pay for 10 SE diamonds to get the remaining 60 stars.

3/27/2019 5:07PM PDT
See original thread.