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I’ve noticed two changes (defects?) to Button Accuracy Fielding, and I’m wondering if it’s just a setting change I need to make, a permanent change or defects.


1.  Two outfielders running towards a ball in the gap:  I preload the throw on the RF (who I’m controlling), but the CF gets the ball first.  In previous years, the preloaded throw would transfer from the RF to the CF, but it’s not in 19.  Is this a defect?

2.  I have my opponents runner caught in a rundown:  In previous years I could hold down the button (for the base I’m going to throw to) and the meter would continue to cycle until I decided I want to throw.  In this year, when I hold down the button, the meter stops at the end (in the red) and the fielder automatically throws wildly.  Is this a defect?


3/27/2019 10:17AM PDT

I use button accuracy and it mostly works okay (despite me not liking the arrows being gone).

But I just had a play that may be similar.

Man on first, ball hit to the pitcher. I preload a throw to 2B but then notice the ball is too slow, so I cancel and preload a throw to 1B.

Pitcher gets to the ball and just stands there. I have to do another throw, by which time it's way too late.

And if it's not cycling the meter, that's just silly.

Comment by Qeltar_
3/27/2019 10:39AM PDT

Yes, it’s not cycling the meter (thanks, that’s a much better way to express it). 👍🏻

3/27/2019 10:41AM PDT
See original thread.