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Jason Giambi my best player a beast


5/5/2019 12:34PM PDT

99 Frank Thomas  LOL

5/8/2019 9:47AM PDT

Josh Donaldson he's such a beast

5/8/2019 9:50AM PDT

A Gon

He rakes righties and just go the other way against lefties

5/8/2019 9:51AM PDT

Bellinger atm but looking to upgrade soon with SS Big Hurt

5/8/2019 10:00AM PDT

Lou Gehrig

5/15/2019 6:38PM PDT

Anybody tried Vladdy Jr. there btw? 

Comment by lReversaL-
5/5/2019 10:09AM PDT

I have his FS card there and his defense hasn’t cost me anything serious yet. Bat speaks for itself. Poor man’s big hurt, or rich man’s.. depending on how you look at it.

5/15/2019 7:29PM PDT

94 Murray and he has gold defense

5/15/2019 7:35PM PDT

Platooning dondlson and Olson 

5/29/2019 1:50PM PDT

Adrian Gonzalez with encarnarcion on the Bench. Sub him in if it’s a lefty starter.

5/29/2019 1:55PM PDT

At this point I’m primarily using POTM Bellinger at 1st 

5/29/2019 1:59PM PDT

I don't think Frank Thomas is leaving my lineup until MLB 20, unless I do random team builds or I'm working on team affinity. 

5/29/2019 2:43PM PDT

Trying out flashback Morales and AS Smoak

5/29/2019 2:51PM PDT

Murray and Rizzo

5/29/2019 2:58PM PDT

Braves team infinity Fred McGriff he’s cold 

5/29/2019 3:07PM PDT

I’m Keith Hernandez

5/29/2019 3:37PM PDT

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