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the ball is coming off the bat like whiffle ball. Virtually everything good/good is 91-96 and dies by the track.  There is virtually no hit variety either, as the CPU is once again covering way too much ground in the outfield. On top of all that it seems like balls are going directly to fielder at too high a rate. You need to add some power back to offline hitting. 

3/26/2019 7:09PM PDT

I seriously don't see a problem with offline hitting. Moments are a different story, and even the difficulties in RTTS seem to a little skewhiff, but the hitting is the least of any problems this game has.

I'd leave the hitting the way it is, set the difficulties where they're supposed to be, and do something about the random nature of the pitching, particularly when using meter pitching.

4/10/2019 7:55PM PDT
See original thread.