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Last night when I was playing I got past level 5 and was near level 10. Now when I log in I'm back at level 4? I've got the picture to prove it which shows that I'm at level 4 yet my reward pack for reaching level 5 has been redeemed.

Anybody else have this issue? I'm reluctant to go knocking off too many more XP related activities until I know that it's not just going to disappear on me again.



3/26/2019 3:31PM PDT

I got to Bronze 25 earlier today and now it says Bronze 8. I still have progress showing Bronze 25 in the XP Reward path so it’s probably just a bug

3/26/2019 3:37PM PDT

Mines the same went from 20 to 18 last night and from 23 to 20 today, they better fix this

3/26/2019 3:41PM PDT

It's happened to me again. I increased my XP through playing earlier (only up to 5 because i could only play briefly). Just logged back in and it's back to Level 4 again. What's more concerning for me is that it is showing as Level 4 in the XP Reward Path (the only place I care that it needs to be showing correctly).

Developers - fix this ASAP. How can I put time into this game if I can't be comfortable that I am getting the XP credit for it? I'm now holding off completing more things such as collections until I know this is fixed. Once I've completed something I can't do it and win that XP again so I need to know it is working rather than burn through things for nothing.



3/27/2019 3:16AM PDT

It’s happened to me twice. I hit level 10 the first night, I know because I opened the level 10 pack.  The next morning I was at Level 9. 

3/27/2019 3:55AM PDT

I've reported it as a bug twice now so hopefully we'll see some action asap.

Is there a way to draw the Developers attention to this thread so that they are aware of the issue and that it is not an isolated one?

3/27/2019 4:00AM PDT

I got to level 23 and logged in later in the day and was down to 13. My level 20 reward is claimed so hopefully the devs will see this and are working on it. Report it as a bug and maybe it will bring it to the devs attention faster

3/27/2019 8:36AM PDT

We're looking into this.Thanks for your patience.

3/27/2019 10:18AM PDT

Same here, levels dropped twice today


3/27/2019 1:28PM PDT

Had the same thing happen to me. Lost 5-7 levels. 

3/27/2019 1:40PM PDT

The exact same thing happened to me. I reached bronze level 10 and I got the reward path level 10 reward. But when I logged back on today I was only at bronze level 7

3/28/2019 5:22AM PDT

Same here,  went from level 21 back to 17. Not sure whether to keep playing or stop until it's fixed. 

3/28/2019 5:45AM PDT

Happened to me twice now as well. Dropped from 10 back to 9 yesterday and from 20 to 19 this morning.

3/28/2019 7:49AM PDT

I had this happen to me today as well.  Went from 13 to 16 last night and claimed the reward for level 15.  When I logged in this morning, I was level 13 again but still had the reward for 15 claimed.

3/28/2019 8:39AM PDT

I don't really know what to do because I don't want to gain more XP just to make up for the XP I lost. So do I keep playing or wait until it gets fixed?

3/28/2019 10:06AM PDT

Just like you guys same thing happened to me.  I was at 15 on Tuesday night and grabbed my pack and then was back to 12.  Now I'm back up to 16 so we will see when I login if it went back down again.

3/28/2019 10:11AM PDT

me too... i was level 23/24 last night and now 19, almost 20.

3/28/2019 1:40PM PDT

This is kind of insane. I am thinking with some of the issues that it is best to just put the game down for a while. Luckily, it has not happened to me but I don't want to chance having to regain levels I already gained. 

3/28/2019 1:48PM PDT

Got to level 22 last night and log back in just now and I’m back to 14 this is very disappointing. I don’t even want to continue to play to gain xp until I know it’s fixed and get the levels back.

3/28/2019 2:01PM PDT

Happened to me as well I was at level 8 then an hour later it reseted back to 7

3/28/2019 2:15PM PDT

Makes it pretty hard to keep playing OR at least makes it hard to complete collections/missions that you can only access once if there is a risk that the XP available for those is simply getting burnt.

Would be nice if the developers could give us some kind of guarantee that all earned XP will be reflected in our progress once this is fixed. Otherwise, like others said I just don't feel I can go ahead with completing these things.



3/28/2019 2:40PM PDT

Been reading about this daily.  Now I finish playing last night lvl 22 or 23 and now log in today and I am 19. What gives!!!!

3/28/2019 10:29PM PDT

Hope this gets fixed. I suck so when I get to a new level it is meaningful.

The packs were awesome this week , but I always rely on the Exchange to field a great team thru the year and pay for missions if needed. and it is being toyed with now.

I was exchanging many cards and now everything has either disappeared that I was WORKING ON OR they are locked into an event and no longer show up as a card I own. I cannot exchange. Why do Events need every card?

I bought many 50 PACKS  to do this as it has worked quite well. This year it was appearing to be working even better as I got approx 16 Diamond cards in the 50 packs.

Yes it is time consuming and yes my friends wont ever do it but it is worth it once dedicated to this method.

I have seen with the new patch this morning possibly 70 gold cards lost and most likely never to return.


I had 21 pages of Commons and 22 pages of Bronze and 21 pages of Silver to exchange still.

I was going to finish them all before I installed the new patch but then it was a forced install.



3/28/2019 11:06PM PDT

So I quit out, log back on and still back at 19.  Really really thinking about not playing, even though I am off work and excited to play.  Just dont want it to be all for not.

3/28/2019 11:41PM PDT

No update still from a dev. Very disappointing that this is happening to a lot of people and there is no answer.

3/29/2019 2:01PM PDT

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