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Obviously change is not always a bad thing but I want to actually have fun playing online. I love the pitching changes but trying to hit makes me want to break my new gone yard Edition disc day one. I have put in the work and the practice to become a better hitter all year in 18 and now I can't even track a pitch on All Star while playing head-to-head. WTH SDS??? It needs to be more realistic 4 players that can't spend three to four hours a day on the game. If I have a diamond player with high-power and contact rating I should be able to smash a common or bronze pitcher more often. What do you think Nation?

3/26/2019 7:42AM PDT

Yes all online. Granted rs is on veteran at the start, but I've also played some br

Comment by mitchhammond24
3/26/2019 10:05AM PDT


Mitch also pulled Trout last night, so....


3/26/2019 10:09AM PDT
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