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I’m looking forward to it even more. Lot of things that I was hoping to see improved definitely looked like they were. There was WAY more good than bad from that stream and I watched damn near the whole thing to see as much raw gameplay as possible to form a pre launch opinion.

Mainly glad that power won’t be the only stat that matters (until end game of course you want the guy who have power to go with well rounded stats elsewhere) but seeing somebody like Tony Gwynn who was literally USELESS in 18 turn into a stud for the entire 19 stream was refreshing and reminds me of loving using Ichiro back in 16. Also love that fielding stats are meant to matter more than ever so line up construction with those 2 factors is gonna be awesome imo since there will be a lot of decisions you have to make in and it won’t be like 18 where you just go for power everywhere.

I do wish DH was in DD so somebody like J.D could have a real place but that’s another topic that obviously most are split on and I would rather not get into it but I do like that if you wanna use somebody like that with 50 fielding and low speed you will be punished heavily defensively which should be the case. 

3/23/2019 7:31PM PDT

I’ve been nervous about how 19 will turn out, but the dev tournament looked really good (for the most part).  There were a few times where the hitting didn’t quite make sense, and a few defects in fielding, but I was overall impressed with what I saw.

3/23/2019 8:21PM PDT
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