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Is it possible to have an ESPN presentation during the Home Run Derby in Franchise Mode and have ESPN in other game modes whatever we choose and have ESPN in the postseason and have the ESPN user interface scoreboard like you do with the MLB Network broadcast?  Also, can we have Fox for the All Star Game in Franchise Mode and for the postseason and for any other game mode we choose with the user interface of the scoreboard and presentation as well?  Can we do the same three options or more with TBS for the postseason and whatever other game mode we choose to play?   Can we have MLB Network for the Futures Game also in Franchise Mode if we even have a Futures Game in Franchise Mode and we should add it if we don’t have it?

3/22/2019 9:25AM PDT

If they don't have the memory for reviews at 2nd, 3rd, & home why would they have it for this? Plus paying networks for the rights to their fonts & score bugs would not be cheap.

3/22/2019 1:16PM PDT

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