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Hi All,

This may be a dumb question but since he announced his retirement and is no longer on the roster/ will be released from the Seattle Mariners and this is prior to the launch of the game. Does MLB The Show still have rights to him to put him in 19? Don't remember another player in this situation and whether they were able to put him in the game or not.

If a Dev could answer that would be great if not hopefully the community can talk this one out. 

3/21/2019 9:20AM PDT

You know, I was thinking about it this morning. I'm guessing they lose his rights, so no dice on him being in 19. IDK tho...


3/21/2019 9:24AM PDT

That is what I am thinking but possibly because he played two official games they still may have his rights for 19. IDK i know there is other threads to this but figured I would start my own.

3/21/2019 9:25AM PDT

I'm guessing he will be in 19.

3/21/2019 10:11AM PDT

He played this season, which means he will be in the game

3/21/2019 10:14AM PDT

As stated in the first of the three threads on this topic, they will probably move his LS card to the Free Agent class after the first Roster Update.  So his HW and probably Sig card will be in the game.

3/21/2019 10:16AM PDT

Retirement does not take effect till Dec 1st. It's like becoming a free agent. Just different paper work

3/21/2019 10:38AM PDT

Yes hes officially played in the 2019 MLB regular season so he will be in the game as a Mariner until the first update where they will place him as a FA.

3/21/2019 11:02AM PDT

This plus they said that there was a better contact, defensive right fielder than Gwynn in the game which has to be Ichiro.  If they didn't have his rights, I don't think his flashback would be in the game either.

3/21/2019 11:10AM PDT

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