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As a Jays fan, imo Bichette, Alford, and Tellez, are ready for the big leagues, not Vlad. He needs to cut down on weight before he's ready to assume a starting role at third.

Any thoughts on your team? 

3/18/2019 12:19PM PDT

As a Cubs fan, I can't help but think many of the projections surrounding the team are way off. Sure, the rotation is older and ownership didn't make any major additions, but the biggest additions could come from players Chicago already has. A healthy, productive season from Yu Darvish will do wonders, and Kris Bryant has looked strong this spring. The dude's a MVP candidate when fully healthy. Add that to another great season from Javy Baez, a solid showing from Anthony Rizzo, rebounds for Willson Contreras and Kyle Schwarber and step-ups from Ian Happ and Albert Almora, and the Cubs are a very dangerous team. It's going to be tough because the NL Central has really gotten a lot better, but I still think Chicago is the team to beat. 

3/18/2019 2:41PM PDT
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