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*** YES

Sig Henderson to Sig Morgan 1 and 2 in the lineup

Oh My

3/18/2019 10:03AM PDT

Wow! End game outfielder right there

3/18/2019 10:05AM PDT

here comes all the base cheese Run Rickey Run

3/18/2019 10:07AM PDT

No cheese needed, in order to be realistic the game will automatically place ricky at 3rd base after a single in order to save time

3/18/2019 10:14AM PDT

Ok watch it again and if I'm not mistaken every single on of the cards shown would be available to acquire day one. So to me it would be safe to assume he will either be the A's Diamond choice or he is a reward somewhere else 


3/18/2019 10:16AM PDT

Rickey is going to be leading off many lineups this year!   

3/18/2019 10:17AM PDT

WOW a shocker because I thought he had said that he wouldn't want himself in a video game?

3/18/2019 10:19AM PDT

he is going to be the As choice for sure but this also shows me that he'll have a SS card as well 

3/18/2019 10:21AM PDT

LOL nice

3/18/2019 10:28AM PDT

Yeah and then he checked his bank account balance. "Where do I sign?"

3/18/2019 10:46AM PDT

Phone rings... Harold Reynolds answers...

Yeah this is Harold...

Hey man it's Rickey.

What's up man!?!

Congratulations on your SB title Harold.

Thanks Rickey! That means a lot to me.

Well son. Don't get too crazy there. Rickey gets to 60 by the all-star break. #click....

3/18/2019 12:00PM PDT


Number 1 player I wanted added. 

NOW SHOW US MADDUX, SMOLTZ, GLAVINE AND THE BIG UNIT. (I know what have you done for me lately. I’m sorry.)

Having Rickey is super cool. 

3/18/2019 12:03PM PDT

Very cool addition to the show this year. I'm super pumped to try out all of the new legends!

3/18/2019 12:16PM PDT

Hope they go over the 99 threshold on speed just for Rickey. Maybe 110 speed with 125 steal

3/18/2019 12:20PM PDT

Oh God they really got the GOAT. Nice job SDS.

3/18/2019 2:13PM PDT

His 1990 HW card will be a monster for sure. 90+ contact, 90+ vision, 99 speed, 75+ power.

3/18/2019 9:50PM PDT

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