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Is it possible if you can tell us the soundtrack?

3/16/2019 6:33PM PDT

I’ve got music...

3/16/2019 6:39PM PDT

In my soul

3/16/2019 6:39PM PDT

Let’s go then!

3/16/2019 6:53PM PDT

Let’s go!

3/16/2019 6:54PM PDT

I always heard it as "and I got soul" bought that wouldn't be the first time I had the lyrics wrong even after countless times hearing them

3/17/2019 11:58AM PDT

id like to see some real nationally known artists. the one sort of hip hop song is pretty bad lol. tell the truth half of you never heard of any of the people with songs on this game.

3/18/2019 10:48PM PDT

People you've never heard of = cheaper to license.

3/19/2019 5:45AM PDT

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