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Is it possible to add good curveball, slider, etc. hitter quirks or to the player card since Cody Bellinger I believe struggled with curveballs his rookie year and was a great fastball hitter?  It would be great to add this feature so the game is more realistic.   It could be an annoyance to gamers because you can hit one certain type of pitch well and then you can’t hit some certain type of pitch well but I would be a very dynamic hitting feature.  It would be cool to add.  People would complain again that hitting is so hard, especially how hard hitting was in the Show 18 and hitting is always hard right but it’s supposed to be hard hitting a 99 mph fastball that fast. 

3/16/2019 1:13PM PDT

They have that already with the dead red (fastball hitter) and breaking ball hitter quirks 

3/16/2019 1:17PM PDT

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