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Who are some players that you guys will be waiting for?

  •  FB Shohei Ohtani (They have to have a pitching/hitting version of Ohtani in the game if would be a huge let down if they didn't)
  • Signature Ichiro: They mentioned in the Stream that Gywnn was the 2nd best contact RF in the game, so it's pretty obvious that Ichiro is going to be the best.
  • FB Felix: He's been in the game since 2016 so I doubt they don't make another Felix card this year
  • Signature Piazza: Loved Piazza in MLB 18 so I hope he gets at least a couple of cards in 19
  • Legend Linecum: Not confirmed but I think SDS knows that this card would be highly sought after if he was put into the game
3/16/2019 9:36AM PDT

IV Hanley but if defence is the way they are saying it is I'm not so sure.

3/16/2019 10:02AM PDT
See original thread.