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We had a group of 13 guys that played countless hours of MLB the show. We had an online franchise, played 30 game seasons, redrafted each season, kept career stats. We played for 14 seasons.

I realize Online Franchise wasn't the cash cow that Dyamond Dynasty is... 

But removing a game mode did ruin baseball gaming for me and the group I play with. We have zero intention of trying to piece together what we had through play modes that don't offer the same capabilities online franchise had.

Bring the mode back, regardless of the bad taste left in our mouth after pre-ordering MLB The Show 18 only to have it announced Online Franchise was cut out weeks before official launch.... we'd come back to play it. We love the game, we loved your product... 

Sucks to be cut out from a game we loved and supported. 

3/15/2019 9:26AM PDT

It put a lot of stress on servers for a mode that SDS did not get any profit from...Business wise it is a great move on their part...player is not.

3/15/2019 9:56AM PDT
See original thread.