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I think the defense of a 1B should impact your "green" area throws. If I have Thomas playing my green window should be diminished value if I have a 1B who has a phenomenal glove it should expand the green area when I'm trying to make throws to first. 

Maybe this is already implemented and I haven't noticed, which then will make me say this feature needs to be a little more drastic. 

3/15/2019 8:18AM PDT

I think there should be two actions, if you don't hit a green throw or even sometimes it may be green through but it goes in the dirt, a second action pops up above the 1b that you then have to also hit green in order to scoop a throw. The better fielder the bigger the green. SO someone like Frank Thomas would be extremely tiny and hard to hit.

3/15/2019 8:36AM PDT
See original thread.