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I get what SDS is trying to do, I really do, but they are approaching it completely wrong.

They are trying to prevent the “spamming” of certain pitches (such as low offspeed in 18, or high and tight fastballs in 17), but they are completely going to ruin this game if they simply add more random outcomes to pitching.

If I’m playing an opponent that simply can’t hit a curveball, then I’m going to keep throwing a curveball.  I shouldn’t be punished for exploiting my opponents weakness.  Baseball (in real life) is all about trying to find your opponents’ weakness and taking advantage of it.

For a development company that claims to make a “baseball sim”, they sure are taking away the things that actually occur in real baseball games.

3/14/2019 10:44PM PDT

Guys to be honest, go watch a game and right down the amount of times a pitcher hits the catchers glove without the catcher having to move it even slightly...It is not that high of a percentage 30/40 for best guys in the league. I get it;s a video game but they want to make it close to real life. A guy with zero control should not put the ball where you placed it even if you hit the line and circle on analog. 

3/15/2019 8:33AM PDT
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