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A first baseman who can't field aside (I get it with Thomas since 1B fielding isn't a real priority), how can a player who doesn't have at least, for sake of argument, 75 power be considered a 99? A 99 is the best rating a player can get, there are no 100s. Therefore anybody who is a 99 should be good at everything and great at some things minimum. Otherwise they are "fake" 99s since "better" 99s will exist. Either that or when a sig series Griffey or Hornsby comes out, they should be over 100.

3/14/2019 8:27PM PDT

I don’t understand the point of having a 99 overall cap when it’s clear that some players surpass this rating. Why not just show their actual rating? 

3/14/2019 9:19PM PDT
See original thread.