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Is a pitcher randomly selected again or do we as the players finally have the option to choose our players since you developers have told us that this year it’s up to us on how we want to play this year with our own different styles which is great to hear and if this problem isn’t fixed, hopefully you can make a patch in the future this year so we all don’t have to wait until the Show 20!?

3/14/2019 8:06PM PDT

I'm pretty sure the pitcher will always be randomly selected. Otherwise what would be the point of even bothering with having other pitchers if you can just throw your ace out every game?

3/14/2019 8:09PM PDT

Good point but I may want to use another pitcher so I can try to match his stats!

3/14/2019 8:11PM PDT

The only way they could let you pick a SP is if they set it up like Franchise Mode where there is an energy bar.  They would also have to make sure that taking a SP out of your rotation wouldn't reset their energy.   It's probably much easier for them to just leave it randomized. 

3/15/2019 5:15AM PDT

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