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First, let me state that MTO looks like a very cool game mode for offline play/players.  However, after seeing watching the preview again and seeing the rewards, it is my belief that the game mode will be relatively unplayed (after everyone takes 1 shot with their favorite team) due to the difficulty needed to get the low diamond player (almost certainly legend as shown) and the time it takes to play through a season (based on what they said I am guessing 10-12 hours).  Playing on legend for most people is a challenge even with a DD team (and that was before they increased pitch speeds at legend this year) and would be especially so in a mode where you will be using lesser players (much lesser with some teams) and put in situations where you have limited opportunities/innings to accomplish the objective.  Couple that with the potential that you miss the playoffs (with the long shots) even if you beat all the moments (they stated that in the stream) and you have created a mode prime to be abandoned.  That is even before we take into account low diamond player rewards that will be low powered by June.  For the vast majority of players a mode that requires legend game play and a dozen hours of time (with no rewards to speak of if you don't win the WS) will simply be a non-starter, which is too bad because the mode looks like it had the potential to be great.

I would suggest making the diamond card rewards on all-star with additional rewards (stubs/xp/packs/etc) for beating the mode on HoF/legend.  While beating it with the Yankees may be somewhat easy on all-star, it still requires a lot of time and makes it far more likely that people will return to the mode to try other teams than on the now much harder difficulty levels.


I am editing my post to add this from operation sports that has answers from SDS on the mode.  I will drop my complaint about difficulty since HoF is at least doable, however the time amount of 15-20 hours for a playthrough is  tough.

- One *successful* March to October campaign should take 15-20 hours of gameplay.

- Users will be able to earn the highest possible reward in March to October by winning the World Series with any team on HALL OF FAME difficulty or higher, not legend.

- Winning the world series with a Longshot will obviously be more difficult than with a Favorite. Because of this, rewards will be adaptive based on that. This could include supplemental stubs or packs or other things in addition to the 6 cards presented as examples.

- All card rewards available in March to October will also be available to earn in other ways in other modes, not necessarily just through marketplace purchase.

- You can progress Diamond Dynasty Moments and/or Programs by playing March to October. For example, doing the Mariners March to October would progress specific Mariners programs or Moments in Diamond Dynasty.

- You can earn several rewards in March to October WITHOUT winning the World Series

  From Operation Sports

3/12/2019 6:21AM PDT

This is the best response to this thread and the same one I would argue.


There is far too much emphasis put on the DD value you get out of the time you spend playing. Playing purely for the sake of adding to your DD team is a good way to make yourself miserable while playing the game. 

3/12/2019 7:50AM PDT
See original thread.