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It was sportsking1331, great game although I took the L, pretty cool kid great gamer sportsmanship....he did mention something about getting banned for something extreamly petty...Jesus SDS needs to stop patrolling this forum like some power tripping North Korean internet motoring agent at a cyber cafe.....

2/26/2019 4:02PM PST

I think saw the post before it was deleted.  It was not petty.  I can't get over why anyone would feel the need to even considered partaking in that (especially this late in the game) let alone sharing it on a forum.

2/26/2019 4:21PM PST

I played JKSlugger27 earlier today.  Only lost 3-0!

2/26/2019 5:46PM PST

Too bad his gamer sportsmanship wasn't so good when I played him

2/26/2019 7:43PM PST

I've been on a good streak in RS...I'd like to think I could beat any of you but probably not lol...

2/27/2019 5:29AM PST

I've pretty much played everyone already lol, MG, KevinGohd, Koogs, where are u lol?

2/27/2019 9:16AM PST

Hey guys, its me Sportsking on an alt account. 

If anyone was wondering about the issue that got me banned here, me and brayplays were messing around each other and I decided to joke with him saying he scammed me an account. This was just us messing around and I did not buy any accounts. I follow the rules and guidelines on here as much as I can and do not break any rules on these and try to stay out of trouble on here. Not that I would want to, but im too poor to buy an account Anyways. lol

For the devs: DO NOT ban this account. I hope this issue is resolved and you guys understand that im a member on TSN who follows the " Forums Terms of Use " Guidelines and do not mess with the rules here


2/27/2019 1:10PM PST

Gg BLINDHORUS btw. Was fun playing u

2/27/2019 1:11PM PST

What's the over/under on him creating a third alt account?  Also, do we think he'll be dumb enough to expose himself again lol?

2/28/2019 8:06AM PST

he got banned AGAIN ?!?!?  LOL wow.  it's like trying to keep out a dirty rat from the house - he's got greasy paws, throw him back out again

EDIT - I am not saying he is a dirty rat by any means - just for added clarification

2/28/2019 8:08AM PST

“DO NOT ban this account” ... gets banned lol

2/28/2019 10:34AM PST

Anything you say can and will be used against you.......SDS PD dont play

2/28/2019 10:40AM PST

Baskin Robins always finds out...

2/28/2019 12:59PM PST

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