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These athletes “coming out” about how “embarrassing” free agency has become?  The JD Martinez’s and Giancarlo Stanton’s and such?

I’m sorry, but I just read an article about Stanton having a problem with Moustakas’ troubles getting the long term deal “experts” expected him to get a few years ago (5 YRS-$85M). 

So Moose turns down a $17M+ qualifying offer after hitting 38 HRs and has to settle for less than half of that. Then rejects a $15M+ qualifying offer after hitting 28 HRs and has to (once again) settle for less than half of that. 

Seems to me like he is misjudging his worth and where he sits on the market. 

Also sounds like someone complaining about testing the free agent market instead of taking “guaranteed money” and it biting them in the rear end. 

I think it goes to show you that owners will no longer be “held hostage” by the greedy agents of these professional athletes. 

I agree that something has to change (shorter rookie contracts/less team control etc) but I also believe that this problem was and is being caused by both sides. 

Both sides are to blame, and it’s time that the players accept the part they played in this problematic situation instead of playing the blame game. 


2/25/2019 1:23PM PST

So let's say the Orioles pony up the $$$ for Harper. What kind of a difference would he actually make. 

Some teams realize they need to rebuild, so why should they also spend all that money that wont get them any closer to their rebuilding goal.

2/25/2019 2:08PM PST
See original thread.