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it would be nice if players could be penalized during online games for continually throwing to first base during a pick-off attempt several times in a row. For example anything over 3 consecutive attempts should start to affect the pitchers stamina. During online play some players will throw to first 7-8 sometimes more in a row. When this happens it should affect the pitchers stamina as if they are throwing pitches. It would deter this behavior and make people think twice if that’s what they want to do. Sometimes it absolutely ridiculous because the game allows the runner to take one extra step to get back to the base safely. The constant attempted pick off is unrealistic when it’s happening 7-8 times in a row as an example. 

2/25/2019 7:07AM PST

When I was playing events (to get Feller and Ted), I would take the extra step, but not necessarily for stealing. I got a lot more fastballs up in the zone as my opponent was worried about the steal. I did steal at times (usually without the extra step/ and in advantageous counts), but I noticed an increase in fastballs when i took the extra step, and less when I took the normal lead.


I'm pretty bad offensively, so that helped me out in getting through the 70 win grind quicker.


I do see why it is considered a bad thing as well. I'm not advocating, but explaining why I did it. 

2/26/2019 10:15AM PST
See original thread.