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During the season, I would regularly pull golds and maybe a rare diamond from packs once in a while. Out of the last 80-90 packs I've opened, I've LITERLLY pulled ONE gold, ONE, and NO diamonds. 

I get that the packs are only 500 stubs now instead of 1,000. But for crying out loud, SDS, a new game will be released in a month and no one will play this old one soon. SO why be so stingy? Clearly you've re-rigged the pack odds since dropping the price. Why? Especially to us customers who spend hundreds, yes hundreds or more a year on your product.

2/23/2019 9:35PM PST

Anyone know the answer to this? Can you pull all versions of the relevant players in the finest packs? It seems it should be just the finest version. My third pack had live series versions of both Yelich and Treinen. Seems like one of those should be a finest. 


I'm just looking for clarification, thanks.

2/26/2019 10:21AM PST
See original thread.