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During the season, I would regularly pull golds and maybe a rare diamond from packs once in a while. Out of the last 80-90 packs I've opened, I've LITERLLY pulled ONE gold, ONE, and NO diamonds. 

I get that the packs are only 500 stubs now instead of 1,000. But for crying out loud, SDS, a new game will be released in a month and no one will play this old one soon. SO why be so stingy? Clearly you've re-rigged the pack odds since dropping the price. Why? Especially to us customers who spend hundreds, yes hundreds or more a year on your product.

2/23/2019 9:35PM PST

Thought I would test the LS diamond theory. I only have Aroldis Chapman and 4 gold LS players. Opened 120 packs, and 5 finest packs. Pulled 6 total gold players. 5 from the finest packs, and 1 from the 120 packs. 1 diamond bobblehead (arizona), and 0 other diamonds. Can confirm that packs are not "juiced".

2/24/2019 6:16PM PST
See original thread.