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If I understand this correctly from the stream SDS is going to put certain homerun celebrations in packs & the marketplace. If this is the case we have officially gone overboard. They see FPS games selling emotes and they want to jump on the action and now something so simple as a celebration that should just be part of a baseball game will have to be attained thru packs or spend stubs. At this point, it seems like they are just seeing what they can get away with and what the community will allow. I get that some ppl will say its just special ones not all celebrations will be like this but, my point is why have to pay for any? We are already being asked to pay 60-100 dollars for access to the game why do I have to spend in-game currency in trying to obtain something so simple as a celebration to begin with? 

2/22/2019 6:25AM PST

Like what? Pantomime a machine gun bat at the pitcher? Pogo stick bat? Moonwalk? 


2/22/2019 6:28AM PST
See original thread.