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Looking to see what others think would be the best players to upgrade.


Thinking the 5 starter, and another bullpen arm. Working on getting Billy Wagner. Currently have around 120k stubs to spend on upgrades


Seaver, Ryan, Feller, deGrom (finest)

CC/Bauer (finest)/Fergie Jenkins


Hader (finest), Eck, Gagne, Aroldis Chapman (LS), Nen, Romo, and a combination of McGee, Wood, Hoffman, Lee Smith



Also, which lineup do people prefer?

Lindor SS (finest)

Chipper RF

Ruth 1B

Pujols 3B

Ted Williams LF

Piazza C

Yelich CF (finest)

Betts 2B (finest)



Lindor 2B

Trout CF

Ruth 1B

Pujols 3B

Ted Williams LF

Chipper SS

Yelich RF

Piazza C


Or is there something people recommend for upgrade there?


2/19/2019 9:57AM PST

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