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Greetings everyone! I have to say something about something I’ve been seeing on here all year that really bothers me. This constant idea being floated around that you should have to do something besides play to the best of your abilities, and pay MONEY in order to get the best cards. 

This is a video GAME. It should be as much FUN for EVERYONE as possible. I’m not saying the best cards should be handed out but the fact is this. Some people, no matter how much they play, won’t ever make WS. So are you guys that want the best cards to be aquired through elite skill only saying that those people should just accept that for the rest of their time playing the show they willl NEVER get to play with their favorite players? Why would anyone want to buy/play a game where there best parts are unattainable? 

I understand that there should be a reward for putting in the work to get to WS but why can’t it be Stubs or maybe a token to redeem a mission of your choice? 

In closing, I guess I just don’t get the anger on people that expect to be able to play with their favorite guys without being a top player. Not trying to start an argument, just trying to present my side. 

2/15/2019 10:11AM PST

I just started playing DD in 17. I was not great. But I practiced and got better. I had fun improving and being able to hold my own with guys like Nash, Miju, and Thizzly.

 I was a casual player but like competition.  I didn't need to be the best to have fun. And I didn't want everything handed to me otherwise what's the point.


2/15/2019 12:52PM PST
See original thread.